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@jimmysong decentralized, permissionless, unstoppable movement that put an end date on political and systematic government control of the movement of wealth.

Follow this up if you are using neutrino with LND.
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@andreneves There's a heuristic that didn't account for the final taproot witness format. We plan to have a solution in before activation, but if not will release a patch that removes the problematic heuristic entirely so that performance will not degrade for users. @gkrizek @therealkingonly

Stablecoins have been losing value against hard money for years

Thinking about people who recently decided Bitcoin needed to be stopped, wondering what it must have been like for them to realize they can't do anything about it.

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launch 10 identical NFTs on the 10 major NFTs platforms each a 1/1 edition for a painting called “this is unique-ish” repeat

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For this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, host @ck_SNARKs sat down with Bitcoin developer and economist @jamesob.

O’Beirne is a Bitcoin Core developer with very unique experiences across disciplines, as well as a learned macroeconomics scholar.

Fiat is dying.
Hyperinflation is coming.
They know it.
We know it.
Everything is fine.
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You can't make this up.

Can I at least get one more China bans bitcoin for old times sake?

If "mining uses energy" is all there is 100k seems very much within reach

Waiting for the big FUD but it just doesn't seem like it's happening

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