Follow this up if you are using neutrino with LND.
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@andreneves There's a heuristic that didn't account for the final taproot witness format. We plan to have a solution in before activation, but if not will release a patch that removes the problematic heuristic entirely so that performance will not degrade for users. @gkrizek @therealkingonly

@waxwing BOS is great for rebalancing as well. Gives you insight into which of the nodes you're connected to is actually good at maintaining their channels / fees (or not)

Stablecoins have been losing value against hard money for years

@nvk that would require more thought / conviction than just shoving in a wifi/bt module

Thinking about people who recently decided Bitcoin needed to be stopped, wondering what it must have been like for them to realize they can't do anything about it.

@jimmysong the current narrative over emphasizes inflation hedge and under emphasizes the benefits of decentralization and the F you power of a 160 exahash/s network

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launch 10 identical NFTs on the 10 major NFTs platforms each a 1/1 edition for a painting called “this is unique-ish” repeat

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For this episode of the Bitcoin Magazine Podcast, host @ck_SNARKs sat down with Bitcoin developer and economist @jamesob.

O’Beirne is a Bitcoin Core developer with very unique experiences across disciplines, as well as a learned macroeconomics scholar.

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